About Healthy Pets

The Vet that Comes to You

House call veterinarians offer many conveniences that traditional veterinary hospitals cannot. We eliminate the fear and trauma that many dogs and cats experience when taken from their home by car to a veterinary clinic.

By examining your pet in its own home where it is more secure, your mobile veterinarian can better evaluate behavior and conditions which may be caused or aggravated by the pet’s environment.


Also, there is a lower risk of being exposed to diseases that may be present in a veterinarian clinic’s waiting room. This is especially important for a very young puppy or kitten. Preventing contact with viruses and germs is also beneficial for very old pets or any pet with a weakened immune system due to medications, cancer or other diseases.  


In-Home Visits

House Calls

We offer in-home visits for cats and dogs, operating in a 20-mile driving distance of the 40/42 intersection. We service your pets in your home. Having your vet come to you can lessen stress for pets and owners alike. There will be no more long unproductive time spent in a waiting room for you and no unfamiliar sights, sounds or smells for your pets.


We tailor your pets' vaccine schedules to their needs and lifestyle. We provide rabies, distemper/parvo, leptospirosis, kennel cough, feline distemper, and feline leukemia vaccines as needed to keep your pets at their healthiest without overvaccinating.


Microchipping is a safe and effective way to make sure that your beloved pet can find his or her way home. It is a quick and simple procedure that can save you and your pet immeasurable worries.


We offer a peaceful, dignified passing for your pets, in their happiest and most comfortable environment. We also can assist in arranging cremation services afterward, if desired.

Hours of Operation

Appointments are scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with the first appointment at 9 am and the last at 4 pm. Due to the nature of our business, appointment times may not be exact.

Exams and Prevention

We offer healthy and sick exams as well as infection and minor wound treatment, pain management, and personalized care for aging pets. We can also recommend and supply you with heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention, flea and tick protection, and specialty diets, and many prescriptions can be filled on site.

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